Woman mortified after trip to beauticians leaves her with mammoth semi-permanent brows

As lockdown restrictions began to ease, women flocked to their nearest hairdressers and beauty salons for hair, face and nail makeovers.

But one woman, it appears, may have gone a little too far with her preening lately.

Posting a hilarious clip of herself on TikTok, Jesselyn, who calls herself bakeryboss69, revealed the outcome of a recent trip to the beautician to have her eyebrows done.

Instead of returning with nicely neat and perfectly shaped brows ideal to frame her face, the social media fan ended up with something a little bigger than she had intended.

Aware of how odd the mammoth brows looked, Jesselyn showed herself covering her forehead with her hand for a few seconds, before lifting it to reveal the final results.

She commented: “When the reality kicks in and you realise you should have got thinner semi PERMANENT brows instead” with the tags, #powderbrows, #liltoomuch, and #damn.

Her post prompted almost 2,000 likes on TikTok and 366 comments. But despite her embarrassment, many people came forward to provide a bit of support.

Some users jumped in to offer their condolences and reassure Jesselyn that her brows would soon settle down.

Azalia1210 wrote: “Don’t stress! They will change so much after a few days. I freak out every time I do them but I know I only have to hide for a few days. Really it is ok!”

Another promised: “They look great.”

And a sympathiser called Alysha consoled: “Girl don’t worry I looked like an Angry Bird for two months… they’re fine now… trust the process.”

But one not-so-certain follower added: “Umm wow always stay close to your natural lengths and width.”

Jesselyn was given some useful advice, however, to help minimise the appearance of her brows from one expert, who advised her to ‘buy saline’ and ‘wash them 5 times a day. Let scabs fall naturally then apply” in an effort to thin them out.