What a shave! Must Gareth Southgate’s beard go for England to win Euro 2020?

Your report (Jack Draper gives Novak Djokovic brief Wimbledon scare before pressure tells, 28 June) tells us that Jack Draper is a son of former Lawn Tennis Association chief executive Roger Draper, but not that his mum, Nicky Draper, was a junior tennis champion and later a coach. It seems all too easy to write women’s contribution out of sports stories.
Maggie Johnston
St Albans

While agreeing wholeheartedly with Keith Flett’s Marxist analysis of the England football team’s prospects (Letters, 30 June), I cannot help noting that no bearded manager has ever led England to success in an international football tournament. Perhaps a barber might offer advice?
Richard Loder

As a footnote to Keith Flett’s analysis, both goals against Germany came from the left wing.
Michael Cunningham

When Rafael Behr likens George Galloway to a vulture (Journal, 29 June), he does a grave injustice. These birds perform an essential function within tropical ecosystems. Galloway, on the other hand…
Don Simpson
Rochdale, Greater Manchester

I was taught that “people in glass houses shouldn’t undress with the curtains open” (Letters, 29 June).
Catherine Waterson
Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire

I can’t remember what colour my knickers were in the 60s (Letters, 30 June). Does this mean I wasn’t there?
Margaret Philip
Scole, Norfolk